The Nation's First Geospatial Innovation Center

GeoTech Incubator

16,000 sq. ft. of innovative and collaborative space on T-REX's 4th floor connects our geospatial industry cluster, buzzing with location tech startups, researchers, government partners, and supportive sector leaders.

Inclusive Active Learning

State-of-the-art classroom and creative space to usher in the next generation of a skilled and specialized local workforce, and inclusive programming such as the GeoInnovation National Speaker Series to inspire ideation.

Extended Reality + Simulation Lab

Workforce and education systems of the future will be increasingly location-agnostic. Our new XR technology lab, made possible by EDA grant funding, will address the pressing challenges of working, learning, and meeting remotely.

STL's Geospatial Revolution Begins at T-REX.

Let's be clear. The geospatial world is undoubtedly gravitating towards St. Louis, MO. This isn't by chance. Our region is home to world-renowned research universities, Fortune 500 companies, dozens of existing geospatial organizations, and of course, a nearly $2 billion western headquarters in the works for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency; the largest federal investment in the history of our region.

This is a transformational opportunity for our city, poised to become the global center of excellence in geospatial technologies. That is why T-REX has built a first-of-its-kind Geospatial Innovation Center on its 4th Floor, clustering this rapidly growing industry where its impact is needed the most; in the heart of a resurging Downtown St. Louis.

Less than 2 miles from the Next NGA West Campus and the Near Northside Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area in our backyard, T-REX is uniquely positioned to foster and support the expanding St. Louis geospatial ecosystem.

The Geospatial Innovation Center at T-REX, Powered by Bayer, is 16,000 sq. ft. of innovative and creative workspace dedicated to connecting and growing our geospatial community. Startups, researchers, government partners, and supportive sector leaders can collaborate and share resources amid an atmosphere of active learning classrooms, cutting-edge interactive and remote technology, and spacious world-class office space.


Arch Grants provides $50,000 equity-free grants and pro bono support services to entrepreneurs who locate their early-stage businesses in St. Louis. Starting in 2020, Arch Grants is awarding 5 additional $50,000 grants each year specifically to geospatial startups to help build a pipeline of talent and technology for the quickly expanding geospatial cluster in St. Louis. All recipients are awarded free coworking membership to the Geospatial Innovation Center at T-REX for the duration of their grant!

Eemerg | HUM | Kwema | Neer | Stratodyne

Arch Grants | Champion The Bold.

Moonshot Labs


In addition to T-REX's new 4th Floor Geospatial Innovation Center, The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has opened a new geospatial technology lab of its own, located off-campus within T-REX. Moonshot Labs, in collaboration with T-REX, is advancing efforts between NGA, industry and academia in the region. Moonshot Labs is NGA's first ever unclassified innovation space where NGA professionals can work directly with colleagues in the community to solve our Nation's hard problems. Moonshot Labs officially launched July 23rd, 2021.


Sponsors & Programming Partners


Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.
Seiler Instrument

Leadership Team

Patricia Hagen, PhD

President & Executive Director, T-REX

Mark Tatgenhorst

Geospatial Program Director, T-REX

Geospatial Innovation Center Advisory Committee

Justin Bennett
President & CEO
Geodata IT

Robert Gaskill-Clemons, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
City of St. Louis

Mark Donavon
Director, Front-End Innovation

Eric Druker
Principal, Data Science & Machine Intelligence
Booz Allen Hamilton

Julie Murphy Finn
Director, Economic Development & Gov't Affairs
Kit Bond Strategies

Stephen Gillotte
Chief Executive Officer
Reinventing Geospatial Inc.
Thomas Lash
Manager, Federal Programs
Amazon Web Services

Jennifer Marcus
Vice President, US Gov't Strategic Partnerships
Planet Federal

Brian Monheiser

Ingrid R. Peterson
Director, National Security Segment

Nick Powers
Vice President of Growth

Greg Reynolds
Enterprise Holdings
Tom Seiler
Executive VP, Geospatial & Medical Divisions
Seiler Instrument

Timothy Siems
Associate Partner

Andrew Sweet
Vice President, Product Engineering & Innovation
Daugherty Business Solutions

Christopher Tucker, PhD
American Geographical Society

Steven Ward, PhD
Sr. Director, Geospatial & Weather Sciences
The Climate Corporation

Craig White
Principal, Government & Public Services