Idiomatic: Data Classification Specialist

Today, we live in an experience economy where the products and services that "just work" are going to be the ones that win. We've already seen this play out with Spotify, Netflix, and Chrome, and can imagine a future where the frictionless customer experience of those products is considered the norm.

Idiomatic's mission is to usher in this future, by providing companies with a roadmap for creating magical experiences with their products or services. Idiomatic does this by using Artificial Intelligence to turn customer feedback into intelligence that tells companies what to improve and whether their efforts are working. Our clients include beloved companies like Disney and Pinterest.

Idiomatic is currently hiring Data Classification Specialists, who can be based anywhere in the US with a reliable internet connection, though we do have a cheerful office in downtown St. Louis. This position can be part-time (min 20 hrs/wk) or full-time, and is perfect for someone who is looking for a long-term, stable position that is remote-friendly with flexible hours. Furthermore, this position rewards mastery of the job with substantial increases in hourly pay.

Idiomatic helps clients analyze millions of pieces of customer feedback each week. The vast majority of this feedback is classified by Artificial Intelligence, but there is always some feedback that requires additional context that’s obvious to humans but challenging for computers. Data Classification Specialists help bridge this gap, and over time, improve the quality of the Artificial Intelligence.

The traits Idiomatic is looking for are:
  • Great attitude - friendly, good communicator, internalizes constructive feedback, doesn't get defensive
  • Detail oriented - willing to be held accountable to high quality standards
  • Reliable - hits deadlines, plans ahead, willing to put in the necessary work to get the job done well and on-time
  • High throughput - willing and able to take on a lot of responsibility
Compensation starts at $18 / hour and can grow to $35 / hour depending on performance.

Interested applicants should apply through Idiomatic's Job Portal.

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