GiftAMeal: Vice President, Technology

GiftAMeal is a funded, highly awarded, and quickly growing social-impact startup in the food tech space, seeking someone to fill a strategic and hands-on technical role.​

​ 3-minute video overview of what we do:

We are at an inflection point, riding a wave of growth after doubling our sales in the last 6 months, closing a $165,000 round of funding, winning a $50,000 Arch Grant, and establishing relationships with some of the biggest names in food.

About you (ideally):

  • Cool
  • Fun
  • Super smart
  • Modest but not so modest that you don’t apply
It’s better if you already know you like working in a startup environment, but if you haven’t before, know that this lifestyle offers:

  • The chance to solve tough, interesting problems
  • Huge potential payoff (equity!)
  • Innovative, tech-minded workspace
  • Excitement
  • Autonomy and the power to effect a lot of change
  • Meeting and working with interesting, enthusiastic people
  • Leadership responsibilities that will 10x your resume
  • Unlimited logo t-shirts, coffee, bagels, bananas, and miscellaneous other snacks
As VP Technology of GiftAMeal you will need to understand our business completely to help chart our development as we face ever-increasing opportunities to grow.

And we need you to be happy in your work. To this end we will provide you with:

  • Respect and a collaborative work environment that is open to new ideas
  • Total transparency - nothing off limits for inquiry or discussion
  • An offshore development team to use as you wish, however much you wish
  • Equity and a very real sense of ownership
  • Integration into the startup scene, access to Arch Grants & Capital Innovators events and mentors
  • Near-unlimited PTO
  • Skill development
  • The chance to see people using your work all over St. Louis
  • A sense of purpose as we go from feeding hundreds of thousands to millions of people

  • Hands-on mobile app development on iOS and Android
  • Oversee a remote development team
  • Ideate new features and strategize how they fit into our product roadmap / strategy
  • Perform snazzy A/B testing (might get published in academic journals – we’re deeply into behavioral science and have relationships with many academics)
  • Interface with tech teams of large-scale potential partner companies
  • Work directly with CEO
Things that would be awesome in a candidate:

  • Strong coding background - preferred 5 years minimum experience
  • Experience in Objective-C, Xcode, Java, PHP, SQL, AWS
  • Experience leading an offshore development team
  • Big picture strategic thinker who also enjoys hands-on development
  • Knowledge of tech trends and integrating technologies
  • UI/UX experience
  • Analytical + data driven
If you think you are a fit, and you are excited at the prospect of joining our team and mission, we urge you to reach out and get the conversation going.

Please email Andrew Glantz (Founder/CEO) directly: