Ellem Laboratories: UI Developer / Graphical Artist

Job Type: Full Time, Part Time

Must have artistic drive while still being able to take instruction on design elements.
Must be proficient in HTML, CSS, and SVG.

Must have knowledge or ability to learn quickly with tools such as InkScape, Gimp, and LibreOffice.

This is a startup opportunity.


Ellem Laboratories is proudly based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Our disciplines cover a wide range of technologies which we use to satisfy the needs of our clients and customers. Due to the variety of jobs Ellem Laboratories undertakes, each project is unique. This contrasts with many other software jobs, which can often feel monotonous or repetitive. In addition to nurturing a creative and exciting workflow, Ellem Laboratories offers competitive compensation for its employees. Working for us is a rewarding, enriching experience and we know that you will fit wonderfully with our team of specialists.

Interested applicants should apply via the Ellem Labs Career Page.