What is T-REX?

T-REX is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the economic vitality of St. Louis, one startup at a time. Like a magnet, T-REX attracts innovation to our core downtown region. A coworking space and technology incubator, we offer a blank canvas—a space where ideas are conceived and brought to fruition. We’ve worked to create an environment that serves as a network of creativity and support, where abstraction finds clarity in the midst of a collection of bright and dedicated minds. Hovering above a vivacious, animated city, we’re now home to a growing community of well over 400 entrepreneurs, developers, designers, mentors, educators and more. Want to be a part of the action? You're in luck - we welcome all ambitious minds.

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Office Space

T-REX offers affordable space for startups and tech companies of all sizes. Amenities include free internet connection, in-house coffee shop, office furniture and room to grow.
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Our Innovation Conference Center is available to rent for your next seminar or training session. Playing host to over 100,000 attendees annually, the Innovation Conference Center at T-REX offers a range of world-class meeting and event space, digital presentation equipment and one of the best views in town.
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T-REX is the heart of the St. Louis startup community, home to entrepreneurial catalysts such as Cultivation Capital, Arch Grants, ITEN, SixThirty — and 200+ startup companies!
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Who works at T-REX?

We are home to people actively building and creating companies in St. Louis. This also includes Arch Grant winners, ITEN companies, accelerator programs such as SixThirty and venture capitalists including Cultivation Capital. We prioritize space for people who are tech startups or those who have graduated from any of the programs listed above. See some of the companies at T-REX here.

What are the terms of Membership? Do I have to sign a lease to rent an office?

No. There are no leases at T-REX. We are a membership based space. We ask all members to give us 30 days notice before leaving.

What services can I look forward to if I decide to use the space?

Amazing Internet. A community of people that are here to support and help your business grow. There is also community space on our 5th floor with state-of-the-art conference rooms, phone booths, a game room, shared kitchenette, unlimited coffee and a bar with complimentary beer.

Why the name T-REX?

In our first form, our tech incubator occupied part of the Railway Exchange Building downtown.
(Technology Entrepreneur Center @ the Railway Exchange = T-REX -- get it?)
Just like the startups we support, we ourselves have grown and evolved over time. Our name is not just a cool moniker, but an important part of our history – we are still a group committed to growing gigantic companies from the ground up, beneath the St. Louis skyline.

"T-REX changed my life. The first time I stepped in the door, I joined a group of strangers and won St. Louis' first Startup Weekend. Since then, we've won or raised over a quarter of a million dollars, quit our day jobs, started generating revenue, and hiring employees to grow our business."

− Drew, CEO of Juristat

"T-REX allows you to meet other entrepreneurs with different skill sets, leading to cross-disciplinary partnerships. I'm now collaborating with a gaming company to develop biopharmaceuticals using virtual reality!"

− Dr. Chris Ho, Drug Design Methodologies, Recipient of the 2018 St. Louis Mayor's Innovation Award

"The early days of T-REX will go down in history...this place has always been a dreamland for entrepreneurs."

− Michael Orlando, President of Lumate

T-REX is a project of:

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